Saturday, 26 January 2013

Villa Monticello, Accra, Ghana

Villa Monticello is one of Ghana's premiere luxury hotels and spas.  By combining modern luxury with the richness of Ghanaian culture, Interior Designer Linda Furutter created a luxurious gettaway with 14 individually decorated custom suites.

The Manhattan Suite features a large black and white skyline wall, the Marakesh Suite features a warm colour scheme of copper and burgundy, the elegante cream and beige Lake Como Suite comes with a baroque feel, while the Out of Africa Suite comes in a warm colour scheme of oragne and brown with Africa imagery.



Thursday, 24 January 2013

Space Techniques

Space is never enough but you can optimize what you have by a number of simple techniques that help get rid of clutter.

Space-enhancing techniques will make a small room appear bigger. There are many tricks that can visually enhance space. Using design tips, decorations and proper organization one can have a cozy and more spacious home.
1)      Learn to use spaces in a wall. In the photo above, what would have ordinarily been a hollow space in the wall has been shelved to create space for books, a TV and cabinets.
2)      Use colours well. Darker colors make a small room look even smaller while lighter tones make it seem bigger. Use lighter shades that reflect light to enhance a living space. Natural light is best so multiply it by placing a mirror near the window. Thus the room will be lighter and seem larger than it is.
3)      Use lines. Just as lines and stripes can be used to trick the eye with women’s clothing, vertical stripes make the ceilings look higher while wide horizontal stripes make narrow rooms look wider. Busy patterns make the room look cluttered and too dynamic so try to avoid using such patterns in the decor especially walls and large furniture items.
4)      Learn to organize. This helps enhance space and de-clutter a room. Get rid of unnecessary things or recycle. Reframe that old wall hanging or reupholster an old chair instead of buying new furniture to add to what you already have. Make sure there is a place for everything. Space-saving furniture can also help with storing smaller things. Look for a coffee table that can double as a small book shelf, or a sofa that has space on the sides for storing magazines. Pay attention to organizers, they should be effective and convenient.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Diane Von Furstenberg’s Manhattan Penthouse


Enter into the Manhattan penthouse of Diane Von Furstenberg, the iconic queen of fashion. Her pad, a diamond shaped glass structure, includes a studio and a flagship store, while part of the roof is covered with greenery.

The interior is designed in a luxurious eclectic style with the designer’s signature elements of bohemian chic. A lot of patterns and prints are also incorporated as well as small details and accessories giving it a textured and layered look and feel.

 The penthouse also includes  dining and living rooms decorated with patterned rugs and with a strong wooden presence.


Thursday, 17 January 2013

Kids and Teens Room Decor

Young children and teenagers love bright and colorful rooms.  You can easily use this to your advantage by  creating a themed room based on their favourite action hero or favourite football team etc.  Designing the kids’ room or play room as such can make it a fun place for them to be in.

If your kids are very young, the onus lies on you to decide what makeover to give to their room. For the younger ones, cartoon characters or fairytale characters should suffice, but if they old enough to make choices, you can get them involved in the process which makes it more fun for them.  

There are many options to it. You can even sketch the design together and choose a placement for wall art. More neutral themes can include patterns or favorite shapes, like in a heart-shaped theme design below.

Try to stick with one theme in the room and arrange the rest of the décor around the wall art or themed bed and furniture. Choose one focus in the room – themed wall art or themed furniture and keep the rest of the design more subtle so that the room does not look too busy.


Contemporary Bathrooms

A bathroom is no longer a room where you have a bath. It's a room where we spend time each day privately away from the rest of the world.  As such, it should be both functional and aesthetically appealing. 

When thinking of contemporary bathroom designs, it is important to combine style and functionality. Its distinctive feature is minimalism characterized by clear lines and shapes. Free hanging wash hand basins and water closets and also spot lights are hallmarks of this design.

The bathtub location also now plays an important role as it can become a focal point of the room set in the middle of it or in any other spot in the room. Also feel free to incorporate a furniture item such as a chair or an ottoman into your bathroom design.
Common materials used in contemporary bathrooms are marble, stainless steel, glass and wood. You can also read up on how to incorporate aspects of Zen into your bathroom design.
In the image below, notice the free hanging wash hand basins and the crystal chandelier, giving the space a fusion of the old and new. Also notice the nontraditional bathtub in marble lying on a wooden/parquet floor.
In the bathroom below, spot lights have been used.


Monday, 14 January 2013

Decorating in Jewel Undertones


I have noticed a growing yet inexpensive trend involving jewel tones in decor. Jewels can be a great source of inspiration when it comes to choosing a colour scheme. Take inspiration from nature and decorate your interior with gold, silver, rose gold, brass, copper or gem stones or combinations of these.

Take a look at gen stones for instance and pick the colors that appeal to you the most. There are amethyst, jade, emerald, turquoise, ruby, sapphire, citrine, topaz, malachite, lapis lazuli and other gemstones to be inspired by.

Use a certain jewel tone as main colour saturating the walls or ceiling with it. Another contrasting or complementing jewel colour can be used as a secondary colour in the colour scheme. Balance out the jewel tone decor with neutrals and metallics.

Mix and match jewel tones in the interior to create a rich multicolor design. Use different colours in accents and decorations to create a beautifulmulticolour design.

Add accents to a neutral interior design using jewel tone accessories. Chairs, ottomans, vases, and lamps in jewel tones  will add a splash of colour to any room.  For the bedroom, think headboards, bed linen, and throws. For the kitchen, think refrigerator, for the dining room, think chandelier, dining chairs and table centerpieces.


African Inspired Décor

African Inspired Décor
 When people think of African inspired décor, what usually comes to mind are ugly and uncomfortable looking wooden or bamboo chairs bound with loops of twine.  Gone are those days! You can infuse some ethnic style into your home or your space without going over the top. Small accents such as accessories are an easy way to do this.  Paintings, sculptures, rugs and throw pillows readily come to mind.


Patchwork is also a relatively cheap and colourful way to spruce things up in your home. You could even put together your old Corduroy, Aso oke, Damask, Adire and Ankara fabrics.  Aso Oke in particular makes good covers for throw pillows.


Sunday, 13 January 2013

Colour Blocking in Interiors

Colour Blocking In Interior Design

Colour blocking is a fresh way to jazz up your home and infuse it with more energy. You may be wondering how to go about it without making your home look like a national flag! Pretty easy!  You study the colour wheel and pick the colors that go well together.

The colors you choose for painting your walls should be bold, bright and pleasant to the eye. The combination should also be easy on the eye.

Pillows and wall decorations are great for practicing a colour blocking technique. The same principle works here, you take the good combination of colors and scatter them across the room in pillows, chairs and other furniture, on the walls. Use painted framed paper to create color blocking on your walls against some neutral background and back it up with a bright rug or accessories.

You can actually use as many colors as you like and combine them on a feature wall in your room or in accessories. This makes your interior space even more interesting.

Experiment, mix and match colors in samples in your design kit and see what combinations suit your preferences and taste the most. Try unconventional colour mixes, match the unmatchable. Decide whether you want to use color blocking subtly: only in accessories and accents or you want to go all out and paint your walls  in bold colour blocks.

Ante Room Decor Ideas

Ante Room Decor Ideas
The Ante Room is usually the first impression of a home. For this reason it is not to be neglected. There are many ways of jazzing up your ante room irrespective of size.
Feature wall       
If your entry door faces the wall it is a great opportunity to delight yourself and your guests with some creative wall art or decoration.  Hanging a mirror opposite the entry door can also make the hall way appear bigger. A wall of pictures can also be quite interesting and engaging.
Fascinating colour scheme
Colour plays an important role in interior design.  Wall coverings, furniture or rugs can make a bold statement for those who enter allowing you to show off your taste effortlessly.
Small spaces
Small ante rooms may not allow you enough room, but you can use built-in shelving to display ornaments, vases and figurines. If however there is no walls and space between the entry door and the rest of the apartment then you can simply go with wall and floor decorations.