Sunday, 13 January 2013

Colour Blocking in Interiors

Colour Blocking In Interior Design

Colour blocking is a fresh way to jazz up your home and infuse it with more energy. You may be wondering how to go about it without making your home look like a national flag! Pretty easy!  You study the colour wheel and pick the colors that go well together.

The colors you choose for painting your walls should be bold, bright and pleasant to the eye. The combination should also be easy on the eye.

Pillows and wall decorations are great for practicing a colour blocking technique. The same principle works here, you take the good combination of colors and scatter them across the room in pillows, chairs and other furniture, on the walls. Use painted framed paper to create color blocking on your walls against some neutral background and back it up with a bright rug or accessories.

You can actually use as many colors as you like and combine them on a feature wall in your room or in accessories. This makes your interior space even more interesting.

Experiment, mix and match colors in samples in your design kit and see what combinations suit your preferences and taste the most. Try unconventional colour mixes, match the unmatchable. Decide whether you want to use color blocking subtly: only in accessories and accents or you want to go all out and paint your walls  in bold colour blocks.


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