Thursday, 17 January 2013

Kids and Teens Room Decor

Young children and teenagers love bright and colorful rooms.  You can easily use this to your advantage by  creating a themed room based on their favourite action hero or favourite football team etc.  Designing the kids’ room or play room as such can make it a fun place for them to be in.

If your kids are very young, the onus lies on you to decide what makeover to give to their room. For the younger ones, cartoon characters or fairytale characters should suffice, but if they old enough to make choices, you can get them involved in the process which makes it more fun for them.  

There are many options to it. You can even sketch the design together and choose a placement for wall art. More neutral themes can include patterns or favorite shapes, like in a heart-shaped theme design below.

Try to stick with one theme in the room and arrange the rest of the décor around the wall art or themed bed and furniture. Choose one focus in the room – themed wall art or themed furniture and keep the rest of the design more subtle so that the room does not look too busy.


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  1. Cool. More ideas pls and suggestions as to where one can get themed wallpaper in Lagos