Monday, 25 February 2013

Contemporary Art Deco

I have always idealised Art deco as a beautiful and luxurious decorating style. It can be interpreted with a contemporary twist or mixed with other styles like pop art, art noveau, neo-classical and traditional.

The black and white art deco apartment below designed by Brendan Wong  features gentle lavender accents as well as pops of gold in furniture and accessories. The decor is enhanced with artistic pieces that add a unique touch to the apartment design.

The minimalism is further accentuated by shapes which play a vital role by adding curves and lines to the theme thereby it more detailed and interesting.
RCG Residence by Mim Design below  has a stylish black and white art deco design with clean lines and eye catchy details such as big colourful artwork and gold accesories.
Bright abstract artwork is both desired and unexpected in this dark interior providing a source of splash and colour.

Designed by Dennis Valencia this art deco apartment below features a blue and grey colour scheme with pops of natural wood and bright accents. The statement lighting and accessories make the decor more interesting and detailed.

This penthouse of an art deco building in San Francisco occupy the entire 21st floor.The includes a turquoiuse painted room (above) which appears to be a library or home office while the ante room (below) provides a rich contrast with black and white tile work.

Recycle your Wine Bottles

Designer Tati Guimaraes has come up with a great way of recycling wine bottles. The concept of her furniture is quite interesting as it is literally based on empty wine bottles.

These tabletops which rest on wine bottles can be used in the home or outdoors for picnics and other such ocassions which do not require formal dining.  They make excellent coffee tables as well.
The wine bottles can also double as flower vases.
Tati Guimaraes’ tabletops come in different shapes and sizes and have bottles arranged in different ways which makes for a statement base. The tabletops are available at the Ciclus ( website ranging from 47 to 470 Euros (without the bottles).

So if you like collecting wine bottles the Divinus can definitely become the right furniture piece for you.


Friday, 22 February 2013

African Inspired Contemporary pieces

Lets take a look at contemporary pieces from Africa.
This comfy chair was constructed by an artist using leather panels that were all stitched together by hand

Burchell Zebra & Glass Chair

Th Burchell Zebra & Glass chair stunning chair comes with a frame in clear glass or Lucite (Perspex)
The bench below was painstakenly made by cutting each piece by hand, followed by stitch-holes that are punched around each component’s perimeter before hand-stitched with waxed cotton thread

 Hardwood Stools

 Sourced from Mozambique, each stool is unique according to the different wooden stumps obtained and have their own natural edges and characters.

Resin Horn and Leather side table  with Hand stitched leather top

The legs on these tables come in in resin Kudu horn (twisted) or resin Gemsbok horn (straight).

Stainless Steel Frame Cowhide Bench

 This cowhide bench below is constructed using one solid skin.

Springbok day bed

Ostrich Skin Three Seater Sofa

This three seater sofa is a modern, sophisticated designer piece. In ostrich skin (front) and leather (back). The legs are from African mahogany.
Ostrich Skin Modern Wingback Chair
A striking modern version of the traditional wingback chair. This stunning chair is made from genuine ostrich skin (front) and leather (back). The legs are African mahogany.

All skins featured above are being sourced from government-controlled herd thinning - implemented to protect animals.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Creative Headboards

Unknown to many, a headboard makes a bedroom.  When you walk into a bedroom, the headboard makes for an instant focal point. The more imposing your headboard is, the less you have to spend decorating a room.
Headboards do not have to be conventional or readymade. The most unique headboards are usually the Do It Yourself ones as you can decide on your very own theme based on  your choice of  colours and textures rather than having to buy a ready made one, giving you more value for money!

You can also use many various materials to make  your head board: Throw pillows, a painting, rich fabric such as lace or velvet for an opulent look. Even an old door frame could make an excellent headboard. It will give your decor an original look.

Padded headboards are quite conventional but you can make them original by upholstering with bright fabrics or decorating with accessories. You can also make a bunch of small pillows and attach them to the wall to make a headboard.

Frames, artworks and creative hanging shelves are also great at making a cool headboard on budget. Wall art like vinyl stickers can be an easy and beautiful alternative to a conventional headboard. Mirrors, mosaics, knitted paintings and chalk boards also make original headboards.

Plywood is a great material for making your own headboard design. It’s easier to work with than other materials like wood or metal. Simply sketch a shape of your desired shape, cut it out and paint in any color you want or or drape with a fabric.

Below is a painting used as a headboard

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Keeping up with the Kardashians!

Love it or not but the show Keeping Up With The Kardashians has a very luxurious setting. Designer Jeff Andrews who designed for Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian was also commissioned to redecorate Kris Jenner’s 6,000-square-foot Calabasas house as seen on the show.
The redecorated house has a gold brown colour scheme and black and white checkered tile floors.

The lavish decor is everywhere in the house from Kris Jenner’s office to the dining room with statement Murano glass chandeliers to the powder room with a ceiling encrusted with Swarovski crystals.

The entrance to the home has a gold chair with a sculptural back and a big framed mirror, both making exquisite statement pieces

There are also varied used of gold tones throughout the house as can be seen in paintings, figurines and even this statue of a bust below


Monday, 4 February 2013

Highlighting in Pink

When thinking of how to highlight your hoe with soft colours such as pink or yellow, it is important to consider what colours to match them with.  Pink for instance goes well with yellow.


Walls painted in soft grey or white help to boost the brightness of a home. The choice of materials and colours helps maximize space without compromising comfort and practicability.