Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Creative Headboards

Unknown to many, a headboard makes a bedroom.  When you walk into a bedroom, the headboard makes for an instant focal point. The more imposing your headboard is, the less you have to spend decorating a room.
Headboards do not have to be conventional or readymade. The most unique headboards are usually the Do It Yourself ones as you can decide on your very own theme based on  your choice of  colours and textures rather than having to buy a ready made one, giving you more value for money!

You can also use many various materials to make  your head board: Throw pillows, a painting, rich fabric such as lace or velvet for an opulent look. Even an old door frame could make an excellent headboard. It will give your decor an original look.

Padded headboards are quite conventional but you can make them original by upholstering with bright fabrics or decorating with accessories. You can also make a bunch of small pillows and attach them to the wall to make a headboard.

Frames, artworks and creative hanging shelves are also great at making a cool headboard on budget. Wall art like vinyl stickers can be an easy and beautiful alternative to a conventional headboard. Mirrors, mosaics, knitted paintings and chalk boards also make original headboards.

Plywood is a great material for making your own headboard design. It’s easier to work with than other materials like wood or metal. Simply sketch a shape of your desired shape, cut it out and paint in any color you want or or drape with a fabric.

Below is a painting used as a headboard

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