Monday, 25 February 2013

Recycle your Wine Bottles

Designer Tati Guimaraes has come up with a great way of recycling wine bottles. The concept of her furniture is quite interesting as it is literally based on empty wine bottles.

These tabletops which rest on wine bottles can be used in the home or outdoors for picnics and other such ocassions which do not require formal dining.  They make excellent coffee tables as well.
The wine bottles can also double as flower vases.
Tati Guimaraes’ tabletops come in different shapes and sizes and have bottles arranged in different ways which makes for a statement base. The tabletops are available at the Ciclus ( website ranging from 47 to 470 Euros (without the bottles).

So if you like collecting wine bottles the Divinus can definitely become the right furniture piece for you.


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  1. Very creative. I love your blog. I also like the write up on headboards and the Africamn pieces. The piece on DVF is also nice. I love her creations and its nice to see she lives instyle too!
    Not sure about the kardarshian piece though. Tired of them!
    Keep it up