Saturday, 9 March 2013

Art Attack!

Salah Benjkan was born in 1968 in Marrakesh, Morocco, where he lives and works as a painter, an engraver and teacher of applied arts.

Childlike, somewhat comical creatures are distinctive features in Benjkan’s paintings. These fabulous beings are painted in bright coloured blotches and invade the white textured canvases. At first glance his playful depictions seem joyous and light hearted; at further exploration one notices a sense of melancholy. 
(Courtesy Renée Pfister, Art and Gallery Consultancy, London, 2012)

Larbi Cherkaoui was born in 1972 in Marrakesh. He works as a painter, calligrapher and Professor of Applied Arts in Marrakesh.
Cherkaoui’s powerful and painterly abstractions explore and emphasise the Arabic script. His paintings in distinct writing patterns suggest an endless expansion of the visual field. Secretive glyphs and vivid colours are applied to canvas surfaces, achieving lyrical and stunning masterpieces. Cherkaoui perpetuates his art through constant experimentation, coupled with his instinctual relationship to the sign and the appearance of the letter. This is a language he fully understands and has mastered.

(Courtesy Renée Pfister, 2012)

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