Friday, 8 March 2013

Getting rid of clutter

Removing clutter can is always an uphill task.  The key to dealing with clutter is proper organization. My rule of thumb is if I have not used any item in over six months, I probably don't need it.
The simple easy to follow steps below can help reorganize your home.

Recycle & Donate

Recycle old furniture by reupholstering or changing position. Donate clothes and other items you rarely use.

Organize All Spaces

Opt for side tables with drawers and multipurpose furniture. Also, furniture with hidden storage space helps keep things out of sight, preventing clutter.


Organize by Frequency of Use

Items should be arranged by frequency of use.  Items that are less frequently used can be stored in top shelves or in a store, closet or under the stairs. Leave the highest and the lowest shelves and drawers for things used less often.

Stick to Necessary Things

If you don’t want to accumulate clutter or stress over where to store thing especially if there’s lack of precious space then try to think carefully before purchasing things. How often will you use them? How important it is to have them at home?

Sort Out Once in a While

Sort out things once in a while to reevaluate their importance. This will give you more space for newly acquired things and prevent clutter from accumulating.

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