Saturday, 9 March 2013

White Interior Spaces

White is an interesting colour to use as a predominant background in a space.

In the image below, Dutch architect Laura Alvarez transformed a dark, dingy, two-storey apartment in Amsterdam into this bright, light-infused loft space. The loft's chic, minimalist aesthetic is made to soothe the soul while still satisfying the most demanding style cravings.

In the image below, notice how the beams and the wall collage provide texture as well as contrast to the stark white in the background.

In the three images below, we see a blend of contemporary and casual in this modern interior  by Spanish designer Susanna Cots. The designer demonstrates an effortless flow from one living space to the next while drawing colour and lighting into the home.

This white home interior, also designed by Susanna Cots is white done right. The key is balancing the right textures and patterns. Light wood accents warm up the space, shaggy rugs, patterned pillows and plenty of shapes keep the space interesting and active. The abundance of light is also enhanced by all the white surfaces.
When using white as a dominant background, it is important to throw in other colours to give the eye a "break".  Notice in the image below how the brown curtains  and pillows allow  the eyes to rest after taking in so much white.

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