Monday, 29 April 2013

Inside Giorgio Armani's Milan home


Giorgio Armani's home is like a fortress: gates, massive front courtyard and all. Not only does this cluster of buildings house his home, but it also encompasses Armani’s design, communications, and marketing offices; the sizable underground theater where he used to present his collections; an indoor pool—plus a garden for good measure.

Each room is full of art and artifacts, antique rugs and elephant tusks, ceremonial costumes, books, and family portraits.

The mirrored doors of the dressing area open to reveal a wardrobe that is almost entirely white, black, gray and navy.
Photos of him in his youth are interspersed with sketches in his bathroom.
The master bedroom is the sparest space in the house.

The narrow, densely packed library contains nearly 3,000 books on fashion, art, film and design.

This sitting area highlights his obsession with lighting.

 A checkerboard marks the spot for the rarely used dining room set.

 (Courtesy In Style Magazine).

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