Friday, 28 June 2013

Balcony Decor on a Budget

Summer is here and there's no better time to relax outside and get a feel of nature. Here are some ideas on how to make your outdoors the new indoors - decorate your balcony on a budget!

Your balcony can be brought to life with minimum materials. Revamp your chairs a la new seat covers, throw in some accessories and a few potted plants and enjoy the summer sun outdoors.


Balcony Decor On Budget


A garden can make any place look better. Plant  a variety of  plants in different-sized pots and arrange in the balcony corners. You can also hang pots over the railings or arrange small pots on your balcony balustrade if is wide enough.  The rails can also work as trellises for creeping plants. Also ensure you distnguish between light and shade loving plants so you know what goes where.  In the tropics for instance, royal palms are shade loving plants so it would be foolhardy to plant them out in the open.


You can also use old furniture or discarded items such as an old drawer (as shown below),  wooden crates or even an old bath tub as a planter. The drawers and wooden crates can be given a fresh coat of paint to brighten them up.  Also old broken or chipped mugs and tea cups make very nice flower pots and add some originality and character to your balcony or garden.

Budget Decor Ideas: Reporpose Old Drawers

Balcony Decor On Budget

(Photos from Interholic)

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Jewel Tones Simplified

When you hear the term "jewel tones", it's easy to think gold, silver, bronze which are the more common ones.  There are actually more jewel tones than most of us are aware of, and we could even be using them in our decor without realizing it! Ruby, amethyst, sapphire, topaz and jewelled blitz. Also, teal, peacock blue and fuchsia are other jewel-influenced hues.

Now let's take a look at each of them.

Ruby from the same family as the common red is a vibrant hue. The trick with ruby is to use it subtly so that less is always more!   In the bedroom below, the duvet and bouquet of flowers instantly brighten up the room.

Ruby is a very good coulour to use as accent.  Notice how in the picture below, the chairs and mirror contrast sharply with the rest of the room.

red chairs next to a white table

Below ruby accents on the wall hangings, duvet, ottoman and headboard blend in whilst at the same time providing a sharp contrast with the deep blue wall.

Jewelled Blitz

Chandeliers, light fixtures, mirrors, picture frames, door and drawer knobs also make for exciting sources of jewel tones in decor.  In the picture below, the mirrored chandelier and wardrobe knobs add some glitz to the otherwise plain room.

Also the mirrored chandelier in the image below matches the table stand, together throwing in a silver touch into the general look and feel of the room.

The elaborate crystal chandelier below does wonders for the room.  Also the silver picture frames on the wall.

I really like the image below where the mirrored drawers and mirrored framed mirrors totally blend in with the grey marble.


Silver and gold don't always have to be regal and grand.  In the image below, notice the containers on the shelf and the dangling lamp.


Throw in a gold accent such as the lamp with the elaborately designed stand in the image below


Another view of the room above is seen below.

Below is a blend of amethyst and jewelled blitz

(Pictures from House Beautiful)