Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Tie-Dye Bed Linen

Tie-dye batik is another beautiful way to adorn your interior.
This is a lovely simple design method that you can use at home. The materials for this are - cotton fabric for bed linen (or ready white linen), reactive dyes, soda ash, gloves, syringes, rubber bands/ ropes.
You fill a basin with warm water and soda ash. Do this with gloves on to protect the skin on your hands. Presoak linen for 20 minutes. After which you take out the linen and wring. In order to get the spirals, find the centre of the bed sheet and the duvet cover and gently curl them. Tie the curled bedclothes with thread so that it is convenient to paint and the pattern is regular. The pillow cases can have blotches, therefore simply turn them into a ball and tie them tightly with bands.

Feel free to use any reactive dye. There are four basic colours in painting: red, yellow, blue and black. The rest of the spectrum is obtained by mixing.
Mix the paint with water: in a glass with the average volume of 250 ml add two teaspoons of dye and stir up until it completely dissolved.
Take the syringe and fill it with coloured liquid. Paint the twisted linen by sectors from both sides.
After dyeing pack the fabric for a day in a plastic bag in order for the paint to dry and be absorbed by the fabric.

Bedclothes painted in tie-dye style


Thursday, 2 January 2014

Put a clock on it!

Welcome to 2014!
In our digital age, the traditional clock as we know it has lost its significance as a tool for  keeping track of time. However, the clock continues to attract the attention of designers who value its decorative qualities.

Large wall clock in high-tech style

Large clocks can be used as  focal points in interiors. Sometimes designers decorate the space using not only one clock, but several models, creating an original composition of clocks. You can hang many different clocks on one wall of the room, as if they were decorating frames or panels. A popular idea is hanging several identical clocks that simultaneously show the time in different time zones or national capitals.

Large vintage wall clock

A grandfather clock - as seen in the photo above will suit a country-style design. It symbolizes the continuity of generations, timeless classics, and independence from fashion.

(Courtesy: Interholic)