Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Mirror Headboards

I have been a bit lazy these past few months....do forgive me.  Anyway I'm back and I promise not to go AWOL again.

I have recently been fascinated with the idea of having a mirror headboard. I will post the before and after photos when I am done.

There are so many to choose from - simple DIY ones to the really over the top fancy ones. A mirror is also a nice way of making an otherwise small space appear larger.

The image below is a relatively easy way, which involves getting a mirror room divider and putting it up as the headboard.

This second photo is also very low cost.  You can pick up an expensive looking mirror with an ornamental frame and stick it up as your headboard.  Notice the way the metallic duvet also matches the silver mirror frame.

In the picture below, simply get a couple of mirrors and put them up in lines on one wall.  Put yourbed against the wall and voila! You are done.
Same for the picture below

Alternatively, you could buy a bed that comes with a mirror headboard :-)

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  1. Interesting. I have always liked mirror headboards