Monday, 23 January 2017

Bathroom Goals

What better way to start a new year than to do new things? So I have seriously been looking at bathrooms and I think in this part of the world, we often view our bathrooms more from the functionality perspective than from the aesthetic angle.

Bathrooms can be a place of succor, a haven for thoughts and inspiration, a place to relax and indulge.   Who says you have to break the bank to achieve your bathroom goals?  Little add ons such as window blinds, wall art, shelves for toiletries, towel racks, matching fluffy rugs for the sink and WC can instantly upgrade the look of your bathroom.  Even a pop of colour can transform your space. After all, who says bathrooms must be white?

I have put together some images.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

It's 2017!!!

Yaaaaaayyyyyy!!!!!!!It feels soooooo good to be back!!! I haven't been here in two whole years because....I forgot my log on details? Yes!....I have seen an increase in the number of grey strands popping up on my head daily, but I never thought old age would creep up so soon via other not so noticeable signs like amnesia!
I absolutely refused to start a new blog as it just seemed like all the work I had done earlier would go to waste. Glad I stuck it out. So much has happened in the last two years. I went back to banking, which was good sometimes, and not so good at other times, I relaunched my eponymous Interior Design label and yes... I got married! Well actually the other way round. I got married and then relaunched Veronica Aesthetica.

This is what I have been up to over the past couple of months....

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Cheers :-)