Tuesday, 14 February 2017

What Your Front Door Says About You!

According to House Logic, your front door can be a huge indicator as to your personality.

Door color: Clear glass means there’s nothing to hide.
Entry style: Simple lines, generous glass surround, and an absence of detailing mark the contemporary, minimalist movement of the 21st century.
You are: Open-minded, friendly, and gregarious. Remember the front door of Gabrielle Union's Atlanta home in Being Mary Jane?

Door color: According to colour experts, Pink is the color of youthful fun and lighthearted exuberance.
Entry style: Quietly traditional, this entryway does little to call attention to itself. Except for that hot pink door, that is.
You are: Hopelessly romantic, thoughtful, and cheery. 

Door color: Black/Dark Colour signifies strength and authority says Debbie Zimmer, colour expert at the Paint Quality Institute.
You are: Strong-willed, sophisticated, authoritative, and tend to keep a tight rein on finances. 

Door color: Amazing technicolor dream-door.
Entry style: Traditional, pointing to a style that goes back millennia, with vibrant colors and a minutely detailed paint job — hallmarks of classic Moroccan residential architecture.
You are: Orderly, sweet and endearing.

Thursday, 2 February 2017

The Return of Metal!

Since late 2016, there has been a gradual but noticeable return of metal furniture.  Chairs, consol tables, coffee tables, flower pot stands have been rejigged with the gold metal look.  For me, this is a welcome deviation from wood, which over the last couple of years was becoming rather ubiquitous. 

Gold metal furniture traces its origins to the Baroque style French designs from hundreds of centuries ago. It has since proven to be many a designer's favourite due to its elaborate and grande appearance.

Photo credits: houzz,com; pininterest.com