Tuesday, 14 February 2017

What Your Front Door Says About You!

According to House Logic, your front door can be a huge indicator as to your personality.

Door color: Clear glass means there’s nothing to hide.
Entry style: Simple lines, generous glass surround, and an absence of detailing mark the contemporary, minimalist movement of the 21st century.
You are: Open-minded, friendly, and gregarious. Remember the front door of Gabrielle Union's Atlanta home in Being Mary Jane?

Door color: According to colour experts, Pink is the color of youthful fun and lighthearted exuberance.
Entry style: Quietly traditional, this entryway does little to call attention to itself. Except for that hot pink door, that is.
You are: Hopelessly romantic, thoughtful, and cheery. 

Door color: Black/Dark Colour signifies strength and authority says Debbie Zimmer, colour expert at the Paint Quality Institute.
You are: Strong-willed, sophisticated, authoritative, and tend to keep a tight rein on finances. 

Door color: Amazing technicolor dream-door.
Entry style: Traditional, pointing to a style that goes back millennia, with vibrant colors and a minutely detailed paint job — hallmarks of classic Moroccan residential architecture.
You are: Orderly, sweet and endearing.

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